Group Inventory

Group inventory can be used when you have a single inventory of tickets, but multiple prices. For example, your event has 5,000 tickets to sell, but it includes an adult priced ticket and a child priced ticket. You no longer have to predetermine and set inventory for each price level, or shift around available inventory between different ticket prices as tickets sell.

Group inventory is also a great way to manage inventory from a venue capacity standpoint. Your venue holds 2,500 people, so you want to sell tickets from any ticket price level while ensuring your capacity isn't exceeded.

Group Inventory Functionality

When a Group Inventory system has been created within your event, your actual tickets that are for sale will pull from a single ticket inventory. The total of ticket sold across multiple tickets will never exceed the inventory that is set in the Group Inventory. This allows for different ticket types to sell as needed, without running out of inventory unless the Group Inventory max has been reached. Once the Group Inventory number has been reached, all tickets within that Group will become Not Available.

Setting up the Group Inventory

When logged in to your event manager on AttendStar, create a New Ticket under the Tickets menu.

On your New Ticket page, on the Basic Information tab, check the box labeled Group Inventory to set your ticket as the primary inventory.

You will notice that many features related to individual tickets have gone away. This is because the Group Inventory you are creating is not an actual ticket - it will not be visible on your ticket sales page, it cannot be sold, it is inventory only!

Basic Information tab: 

  • Ticket Name - Give your group inventory a name for reference. (Example: General Admission)
  • Quantity Available - Set the number of total inventory that you want your tickets to pull from. The combined total sold of the tickets you create under this Group Inventory will never exceed this number. (Example: 5000)
  • Status Message - Your Status Message can be used during and towards the end of your selling window, as ticket availability changes. Setting a Status Message on the Group Inventory will change the status of each ticket under the Group Inventory with one click! No worries, you are still able to set a Status Message for individual tickets.

Detailed Information tab: 

  • Ticket Description/Terms and Conditions - Provide a description of the tickets and/or terms and conditions for the tickets in your Group Inventory. This can be helpful when the information is the same for every ticket - you can add it here and it will apply to all tickets in the Group Inventory. These items can also be set for individual tickets when you need to provide different content based on the ticket type.

Advanced tab:

  • Low Alert Quantity - To receive an alert for your Group Inventory running low, you can set a specific number at which you want to be notified when inventory reaches that number. The Low Alert will send to the email addresses provided under the Low Ticket Alert feature.
  • Additional Image - Upload an image that will appear on the bottom left-hand side of your e-tickets. This can be used for sponsor logos, maps, instructions, anything! Setting the Additional Image on your Group Inventory will apply the image to every ticket in your Group Inventory.
  • Ticket Logo - Upload a logo that you would like to apply to all of the tickets in your Group Inventory. Using the upload on the Group Inventory level will override the logo that is set for the event level, under the Tickets menu > Ticket Design.
  • Ticket Group - Assign your Group Inventory its own Ticket Group. This is great to use when you have multi-day event tickets or multi-show events in the same day

When you are finished, click the green Add Ticket button to save your Group Inventory.

Note: Your Group Inventory can be edited at any time by clicking on the Edit link on the All Tickets page under the Tickets menu. 

Creating tickets under a Group Inventory

Once you have a Group Inventory created, you will see it as an item on your tickets list. In order to create the actual tickets that your buyers will purchase, click on the Add Ticket link. 

These are the tickets that you're used to setting up in your events, so the set up should be familiar to you! For expanded information on features related to creating a ticket, visit our page for All About Tickets.

Group Inventory Interface

When an item in your tickets list has a blue, right arrow, this means that it is a Group Inventory item with tickets pulling from it. It is collapsing so that you can show/hide individual tickets. You will see what has sold and what is left out of the total Group Inventory, but once you click the arrow you can see your individual tickets.

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