Hidden Discounts

Hidden Discounts are used when you want to offer a certain discount, or track sales made from certain buyers (using a 0% code), without the "Enter Promo Code" box visible on the sales page. We all know that when a promo code box is made available, prospective buyers will call to find out what the code is. Making your discount/promo code hidden from the public, will help stop phone calls asking for a discount or promo code, when you only want a specific audience to be able to access the code.

When a hidden discount is created, a special link can be sent to the buyers or groups that you want to have access to the code while your normal sales page will not have any promo code box available. The code on the special link will be pre-populated, so it won't be necessary for those with access to type it in.

Creating a Hidden Discount/Promo Code

In your event manager, go to the Tickets menu and click on New Discount.

Create your discount/promo code as you would a regular code, see Discount Codes. To set a code as hidden, check the box marked Hidden in the Optional area towards the top of the page.

Once you have saved your new Hidden Discount/Promo code, you will need to add the following string to the end of your ticket sales page URL:


It will look like this: https://event.attendstar.com/event/show/sample-tickets_8746/?promo=hidden

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