How to Add/Edit/Delete Discount Codes

How to Add/Edit/Delete Discount Codes

Discount codes are codes you create to give ticket buyers a certain percentage or amount off their ticket price.

Restrictions can be applied to these discount codes; for example, the time frame for the discount and the number of times a code can be used. One discount code can be applied to all ticket types. The ticket buyers simply enter the code for each ticket type, as discount codes can only be entered one at a time per ticket type.

Discount codes can now be used for multiple types of discounts, based on ticket type. For example, you create an "earlybird" code which allows the ticket buyer to get $5.00 off a VIP ticket and $10.00 off a general admission ticket.


How to Add a New Discount Code

**NOTE: In order to have a discount code, you MUST have at least one ticket type available for the event

  1. Select the event to add the discount
  2. Go to the Tickets menu and select New Discount


  3. You will be taken to the New Discount page, where you set the parameters of the discount code
  4. Enter the name of the discount code. This name is how you refer to the discount code with AttendStar's event manager. This name will not be visible to ticket buyers and attendees. It will show up on the Discounts page and on the Event Ticket Sales report. This is NOT the actual discount code used

  5. Select if this discount will be given as a percentage off each individual ticket price or a dollar amount off of each ticket price


  6. Enter in the value of the percentage or amount of the discount. No special characters ($, %) should be used (e.g., if you are giving 20% off the ticket price, select "Percentage" for the type of discount and enter "20" in the Value field

  7. Choose the dates of when this discount is valid. The discount can only be applied to tickets in the time frame between these dates and times and will not work outside of these dates and times
  8. The Remaining field is the number of times this discount code can be redeemed by ticket buyers. This number will decrease as the discount code is redeemed

  9. Enter in the actual discount code that ticket buyers will have to enter in order to receive the discount. This can be any combination of numbers and letters, but it is not case-sensitive


  10. Check the corresponding box(es) to apply the discount to the ticket types you choose
    **NOTE: A discount code must be applied to at least one ticket type 

  11. Click the green Add Discount button

     Your discount has been added! 


How to Edit an Existing Discount

**NOTE:  You cannot change the discount code itself 

  1. Select the event with the discount you would like to edit
  2. Go to the Tickets menu and select All Discounts


  3. Click the Edit link the row of the discount you would like to edit
  4. Make your changes
  5. Click the green Update Discount button

How to Delete a Discount

**NOTE: Deleting a discount will make the discount no longer available for ticket buyers and it will not appear on the All Discounts page. However, if the discount has been used, it will still be reflected on the Event Summary Report
  1. Select the event with the discount that you would like to delete
  2. Go to the Tickets menu and select All Discounts

  3. Click the Delete link in the row of the discount that you would like to delete
  4. Confirm the deletion
The discount is now deleted!

How Used Discount Codes Appear in the Ticket Sales Report



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