Refunding customers

Refunds are complicated for many reasons.

If you are using WePay, or your own credit card processing system, then the ticket buyer refunds are the responsibility of you, the event manager. It is not AttendStar's responsibility to handle refunds, as we do not have access to your merchant account or your money to issue them.

On the other hand, if you are using AttendStar Payment Processing, we can handle refunds along with you. The reason we both can refund is that 's our credit card merchant account and the credit card companies hold us liable for any card holder complaints. However, we still leave the decision to refund or to not refund up to the event manager.

The thing to remember as a merchant in ANY business is that the cardholder can get a refund NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. The credit card companies all have rules that must be followed. Yes, even if you put "No Refunds" on the ticket companies like American Express will generally side with the card holder.  If the cardholder did not get the product that was promised they can complain and win. Regardless what ticketing company you work with.

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