How do I get a refund or exchange?

AttendStar is not authorized to provide any refunds for any event. All refunds are provided strictly at the discretion of the event promoter, organizer, and/or manager. Make sure you also check the Terms and Conditions on the ticket you received in your email, as most event promoters and organizers let you know if refunds/exchanges are permitted.

Regardless of our name or another name is on your credit card statement, you can always file a complaint with your credit card company. However, if the words NO REFUNDS - NO EXCHANGES are listed in the Terms and Conditions of your ticket you will not obtain a refund from your credit card company.  We supply all ticket Terms and Conditions for each ticket for all credit card complaints.
For most events, accepting the Terms and Conditions of the ticket is required to purchase tickets.

Please remember ATTENDSTAR is not the person who writes the Terms and Conditions.  This is done by the event promoter, organizer, and/or the event manager.

Click here to learn how to Contact the Event Manager


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