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Most events offer both online tickets and tickets that folks can purchase at the door, or "offline" tickets. When your online availability reaches 0 in our software, or sells out, a ticket status message will be displayed to inform your tickets buyers what the status of a particular ticket is. Setting a ticket status will cut down on phone calls asking "are tickets available at the door?" and could possibly increase sales if people know they can purchase at the door on the day of the event.

When logged into your event and you are creating or editing a ticket, the Status Message can be found in the "Quantity" section under the Basic Information tab. If you are creating a brand new ticket, the default status will show "On Sale" meaning customers can purchase the ticket as long as the ticket is available. Note: Ticket statuses are set for each ticket type - changing the status of one ticket type will not affect all tickets.



We have provided 3 status options to choose from:

All Tickets Sold Out
Online Tickets Sold Out
Tickets Available At The Door



When your online ticket availability reaches 0, or sells out, the status will automatically change to our default message "Online Tickets Sold Out



If your online tickets are sold out, or you would like them to go off sale, but you have tickets available at the door ("offline tickets"), you can update the status to "Tickets Available At The Door"



When a ticket is completely sold out, both online and offline, you may change your ticket's status to "All Tickets Sold Out"



A ticket's status message can be changed at any time! However, please note that changing a ticket status message from "On Sale" will immediately take that ticket off sale and will display your new status message. Even if your availability has not yet reached 0, you can simply end the online sale of that ticket by changing it's status.



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