Event Creation Checklist


Event Creation Checklist

Things can get a little overwhelming and maybe even confusing when you have several different events to post. Although our Clone tool is a great way to duplicate an event, sometimes things change on an event basis. Here's a list of things to check for (and links to articles on how to use the features) when you're posting a new event.
NOTE:  An * next to a field means it's required for your event to sell tickets online using AttendStar. Fields with a ° next to them mean that they do get copied over when you clone an event.

Advanced Event Options

Event Images/Customization

  • Attendee fields°
    When an event is cloned, these are copied over, however, the permissions set for the Buyer and Guest are not copied over and must be defined
  • Discounts available°
    Although discounts are cloned over, the tickets the discounts apply to and how many are available are not cloned over
  • What tickets discounts apply to
  • How many discounts are available for that specific discount code
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