Include the AttendStar Fee into Your Ticket Price


Include the AttendStar Fee into Your Ticket Price


If you do not want to show the AttendStar fee separate from your ticket price, you can choose to include the AttendStar fee into it, so yout ticket buyer will not think they are paying an additional fee. This feature works by simply "adding" the AttendStar fee onto the ticket price. So, if you want the total ticket price for the customer to be $45.00 and the AttendStar fee is $1.50, set the ticket price for $43.50 and click the box beside "Include Fees into Ticket Price."

  1. From the dashboard of your event go to the Tickets tab and select All Tickets

  2. Click Edit for the selected ticket type to which you wish to alter the ticketing fees
  3. Click on the Advanced tab

  4. Select the option that says Include Fees into Ticket Price

  5. Click the green Update Ticket button
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