How to Purchase Tickets


You’ve made the big decision to purchase tickets or to register for an event!

Now you’re wondering... how does one exactly order a ticket? Well, it’s easy!

  1. Go to the ticket sales page of the event you would like to attend. This page is also where you can get the event manager's contact information and learn more about the event.

    Click hereto find the event you want to purchase tickets to. Type in the event name and click on the event when it appears in the listing to access the event's ticket sales page.

  2. Select the number of tickets from the type of ticket you would like to order.


  3. IF YOU HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE: Enter in the discount code for the ticket in the box on the next page, if you have a discount code. If the discount is valid, it will automatically apply to the purchase total at the bottom.

  4. When you are done selecting the ticket(s) you would like to purchase, check the Terms and Conditions box (if applicable) and then click the BUY TICKETS button!


  5. Confirm your order at the top of the page and then fill in the requested fields. It is very IMPORTANT you use an active email address that you have access to, since your tickets will be emailed to that email address! Next to the fields, select the ticket type you want to apply (if applicable) to the name you filled in.



  6. When you have finished filling out all of your information, including your payment information (see Buying your tickets with PayPal ), click the Purchase button ONCE!


  7. Once your transaction has processed, you will be taken to an order confirmation page. Your order has not completed, unless you arrive at the confirmation page and you see "Order confirmation:" and a number. Write down your order confirmation number.  Keep these in a safe place in case you lose your tickets and need to retrieve them at a later date.


  8. Check your email! Your tickets are automatically sent to the email address you provided. The email address your tickets will be coming from is You can also download your tickets straight from your order confirmation page. To learn how to download your tickets, go to How to get your tickets.

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