Disabling the eTicket


Disabling the eTicket

There may come a time when it is not necessary for a ticket buyer to receive an eTicket sent by AttendStar after purchasing their tickets. It could be because you're mailing out hard tickets or tickets simply aren't necessary for the event. Either way, it is possible to disable an eTicket from being emailed to the ticket buyer.

Any number of ticket types can have the eTicket disabled. Also, if you disable and then re-enable the eTicket for a ticket type, any ticket buyer who had previously purchased a ticket will then be able to download their ticket.
How to Disable eTickets
  1. Select the event
  2. Your are now on the Overview page. Hover over the Tickets tab and select All Tickets

  3. Click the Edit link in the row of the ticket you would like to disable
  4. Click on the Advanced tab

  5. Scroll down to Display Options and check the box next to Disable eTicket
  6. Click the green Update Ticket button
  7. eTickets are now disabled.
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