What Does General Admission Mean?

General Admission (GA) refers to seating that is first-come, first-served. General Admission (GA) seating that is not assigned or reserved. 

If the event has General Admission (GA) tickets, you will not be prompted to select section, row, or seat numbers when purchasing tickets on AttendStar. AttendStar cannot guarantee seating for General Admission (GA) ticket holders.

Other types of General Admission (GA) tickets include Standing Room Only (SRO), Pit, and Lawn. These ticket types do not include any seating.

If your event has assigned seating, or if you want to purchase assigned seats to an event, click this link: How Does Assigned Seating Work?

What if I Want To Upgrade My General Admission (GA) Tickets to VIP?

Ticket availability is at the discretion of the event. For more help, click this link: How To Get Help or Contact Us

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