My credit card does not work

Each event decides the credit cards it will accept.  Some events take only MasterCard and VISA while other events offer more credit card choices.

There are many reasons credit cards might now work on a website.  If your card is being declined it could any of the following reasons:

  • Your ZIP code does not match your billing ZIP code on file with the credit card company
  • Your street number/address may not match your billing address on file with the credit card company
  • The name of the card might not be correct
  • The CCV number is entered incorrectly
  • The credit card number is entered incorrectly or has spaces between the numbers
  • You might have "holds" on your card from prior authorizations that have not been released yet
  • Your most recent payment may not have cleared
  • Or you could be like me and over your limit :)

Though tickets are being purchased through AttendStar's website, we do not have insight into why exactly your card is being declined. If the information is entered in correctly, we suggest calling the phone number on the back of your card to find out if there are any issues. Unfortunately, there is nothing AttendStar can do when a card is being declined. We cannot force a transaction to process. The bank is the only place that can provide answers.

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