Issuing Ticket Refunds in Stripe

Stripe allows both full and partial refunds. You can choose to refund the ticket buyer in two ways:

  1. Refund the ticket buyer for the price of the ticket order (fees not included)
  2. Refund the ticket buyer for the full order amount (fees included. Note: The credit card fees will be withdrawn from the client account.

Note: If a refund is processed, Stripe's credit card processing fee is non-refundable.

Issuing Refunds from Client Stripe Account (Full or Partial Amount Refunds):

  1. Log in to the client Stripe account. To log in, click this link:
  2. FOR ADMIN USE ONLY (AttendStar): On the top, right side of the page, next to the client's account name, click the 3 dots, then click View Dashboard as this account.
  3. Use the search bar at the top of your Dashboard to search for the transaction you wish to refund. You can search for a transaction by the ticket buyer's order number, email address, or the last 4 digits of the card that they used.
    1. Note: Searching by order number will not display all orders and transactions by the ticket buyer, if they placed more than one order. Stripe will only show results for the order number entered.
  4. Once you have located the transaction, you will be directed to that transaction's details. At the top, right side of the page, click Refund.
  5. Type in the amount you wish to refund and a reason for the refund.
    1. Note: If you do not enter a specific refund amount, Stripe will automatically refund the full amount. Enter a specific amount if you are issuing a partial refund.
  6. To send the ticket buyer a copy of their refund receipt from Stripe, click Send Receipt on the right side of the page.

Refunds can take up to 5-10 business days to appear in the ticket buyer's account. Once you have initiated the refund in Stripe, it is out of your control how fast a ticket buyer is credited by their credit card company. While refunds generally do not take that long to be credited, it is always best to give the ticket buyer an estimated timeframe.

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