Refundable Booking

What is a Refundable Booking?

Refundable Booking gives ticket buyers the option to upgrade their order to a refundable booking, for an additional fee.

Upgrade your booking and receive a 100% refund if you cannot attend and can evidence one of the many reasons in the Terms and Conditions, which you would accept when you opt-in to the Refundable Booking.

How to upgrade to a Refundable Booking?

Upon check-out, the option to add the Refundable Booking upgrade will be shown on the purchase page prior to entering payment information. It will display the total of your purchase, including the additional fee for the Refundable Booking upgrade.

How to decline the Refundable Booking upgrade.

Refundable booking upgrades are completely optional. If you wish to not upgrade your purchase, simply click the Non-refundable Booking option prior to entering in your credit card information. The purchase total will be adjusted to remove the Refundable Booking upgrade additional fee.

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