Designing Your Ticket Sales Page

Designing Your Ticket Sales Page

You can customize the colors of your ticket sales page so that it can match the branding of your current site! Just note, these colors will only change the actual ticket sales page and the Ticket Sales Widget, it will not affect the Ticket Form Widget.
  1. Select the Event (this will take you to the Overview page)

  2. Click Edit Event

  3. Click Design Event

  4. This will take you to your ticket sales page. Click Design

  5. Note: Your newly designed ticket sales page will not be published to the public unless you click the Publish Design button in the Global tab

  6. Design the colors of your event however you would like

  7. Go back to the Global tab and click Publish Design. This will make your design public.

  8. If you do not like your design and wish to revert back to the original ticket sales page, click the Reset button underneath Reset All Settings To Default in the Global tab

  9. When you are finished, click the "Return To Edit Event" link

  10. You can view your ticket sales page's new look now!
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