Remind Me

Remind Me is a feature which sends out a reminder email every 10 days before your event.  

The purpose is simply to remind people that have asked to be reminded of the event.  Of course this person may unsubscribe at any time.

Since this person has already seen or heard an advertisement for this event your goal is to list any additional reasons for this person to buy.  Please don't share an advertisement or link to the ticket sales page.  Share something they likely have not seen.


Notice that only 3 fields are available for the links you wish to share.  This is because this event is only 3 weeks away.  If use this feature and your event is 50 or 60 days away you will see additional fields for additional links.

Below is a sample of the email we send.  The design of the email is not changeable as we have optimized it for deliverability.

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