How Ticket Buyer Buzz Boosts Event Marketing

Ticket Buyer Buzz is based on the premise that your ticket buyers are indeed your biggest fans!  When people buy tickets to an event they tend to share with friends only for a few days then the event kind of gets placed on the "back burner" until the week of the event.

Ticket Buyer Buzz keeps your event on your buyers minds every 10 days, starting 50 days before your event.  

The goal is to share a link with something interesting about the event with your buyer. Since this email is being sent to a person who has already bought tickets, it is very important not to "advertise" your event. The ONLY goal of each email is to share something special about the event or the artist(s) that will create excitement - in hopes your ticket buyers will talk to others about going to the event. You can link to websites, videos or music... be creative!

How do I set up Ticket Buyer Buzz?

Ticket Buyer Buzz can be found in your event manager under the Promotion menu. Automatic emails will be sent to those who have already purchased tickets every 10 days, starting 50 days before your event. If your event is more than 50 days away, you will have 5 opportunities for content. The dates that each email will be sent is found next to the input field. If your event is less than 50 days away, you may see fewer opportunities for content.

What does the Ticket Buyer Buzz email look like?

In order to obtain the highest delivery rate of your emails, we do not provide a way to customize your Ticket Buyer Buzz email. The link provided on the Ticket Buyer Buzz set up page will be included in the email.

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