Ticket Buyer Buzz

Ticket Buyer Buzz is based on the premise that your ticket buyers are indeed your biggest fans!  When people buy tickets to an event they tend to share with friends only for a few days then the event kind of gets placed on the "back burner" until the week of the event.

Ticket Buyer Buzz keeps your event on your buyers minds every 10 days.  

Your goal is to share a link with something interesting about the event with your buyer.  Since this email sent automatically is being sent to a person who has already bought tickets it is very important not to "advertise" your event.

The ONLY goal of your email is to share something special about the event or the artist(s) with each email.  You can link to websites, videos or music.  Be creative.


In the screen above you will notice there are only 3 places to insert a link.  This is because the event is only 30 days away and we only send an email every 10 days.  If you event is 50 days away then you will see 5 places for links.  Note we even tell you what day your email will be sent.  

This data will automatically be added to Event Activities to record this promotional effort.

Below is a sample of the email we send.  Only the link can be added to this email.  We do not provide a way to customize the email.  This is so we can obtain the highest delivery rate of your emails.

The email below shows the basic concept although it is an image for Remind Me which is closely related to Ticket Buyer Buzz.

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