How to Integrate AdRoll

How to Integrate AdRoll

AdRoll is an add-on to your particular event that will re-target potential ticket buyers who visit your event's ticket sales page.

AdRoll is a company that does what's called "re-targeting" which means they target your prospective ticket buyers after those prospects have viewed your ticket sales page.

More people visit your AttendStar ticket sales page than actually buy tickets. Re-targeting will help sell your event to people that have already shown an interest in your event, reducing your overall advertising cost and ultimately sell more tickets.

To learn more about AdRoll visit their website (new window).

In your AttendStar account you will look for the Integrations menu item and choose AdRoll. You will enter your AdRoll Advertiser ID and your AdRoll Tracking Pixel into the fields on this page. This will cause your ticket sales page to begin tracking visitors.


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