Two or more ticketing companies?

Here's something we see with about 10% of the events we ticket. Event managers working with two or more ticketing companies so they can sell more tickets.

While there is nothing wrong with this, it can result in less help from both ticketing companies. Ticketing companies try really hard to keep fees low and this means the ticketing company needs the sales "they get" and the sales "they don't get." Sales come from the link that is listed on artists' websites, event websites, or that are published in marketing materials and newspapers. Only one ticket link is advertised. The company whose link is not listed in all the marketing efforts can not possibly perform well. Clients opt to not work with the secondary ticketing company on strictly the basis that "the primary company sold more," when the secondary company never stood a chance.

When a client works with AttendStar exclusively on ticketing, the more freebies we do to help sell tickets. This means banner ads on our main page or free featured listings on our Christian Concert Alerts websites. We even offer additional email marketing efforts.

There are certain features that all clients get when using a ticketing company, but there are also additional items that your ticketing company provides when you are exclusive.

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