Ticket buyer communication

Communication with ticket buyers remains the number one issue you and your ticketing partner will struggle with.  

The challenges that exists are two fold. Ticket buyers are not sure who to call about what issue and ticket buyers tend to call any number for anything and everyone gets frustrated.

There should be two numbers on every event ticket sales page.  And each number should try and explain who ticket buyers call for what.  If you make ticket buyers call your ticketing company for everything, expect issues.  We will get questions like "can we meet the artist", "where is the venue", "do I have to pay to park", "are there tickets available at venue, or around town".

All of these questions are event manager questions.  We have created a special tab on your ticket sales page for commonly asked questions your ticket buyers may have.  See the sample below:

I promise you can avoid many, many calls from ticket buyers when you take 10-15 minutes to come up with the answers to the most commonly asked questions, in advance!

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