How to Get Help or Contact Us - For Event Managers

AttendStar has a true call center system that tracks caller wait times, how many calls per hour, popular call times, etc.

In addition to call center systems, we also plan for overflow calls, weather-related calls, and even prepare for power outages with generators and the ability to direct calls to other cities.

Clients have access to a full list of AttendStar client support help articles at

AttendStar Ticket Support is available 8AM - 8PM CST. Our Ticket Hotline can be reached at (615) 223-1008. Please be advised that you may encounter longer wait times during weekends and the day of an event, due to the volume of inquiries.

AttendStar Ticket Support can only help with ticket problems and ticket-related questions only. AttendStar does not issue refunds. Refunds are at the discretion of each event and are the responsibility of the event.

Event-Related Questions

AttendStar cannot answer event-related questions. Ticket buyers will need to contact the event for any questions regarding the event details or refunds. We encourage ticket buyers to review the event's ticket sales page FAQs for event-related questions.

Ticket buyers that contact AttendStar with event-related questions will be directed to call the Contact the Event phone number on the event's ticket sales page.

Please ensure that you provide AttendStar with event FAQs and responses when creating your event, in order to to decrease ticket support inquiries sent to both AttendStar and the client.

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