Customer service

All of us want to offer awesome customer service. The fact is that sometimes we all fall short for a variety of reasons.

With ticketing, the biggest challenge is that the volume of calls will change from day to day; from event to event.  Some ticketing companies have ways to estimate volume based on the time of day, the kind of events, and day of the week.  At AttendStar, we have a true call center system that tracks how many minutes callers are in queues, how many calls per hour, time of day and etc.

In addition to call center systems, we also plan for overflow calls, weather-related calls (yes, we watch the Weather Channel!) and even prepare for power outages with generators and the ability to direct calls to other cities.

Having said all this, we still have customers that complain about hold times, busy lines and unhappiness because we could not or did not provide the information they were looking for.

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