Yes, we love things that sell tickets.  Scorecard will help us help you sell more tickets.

How? Well we will measure what event managers use within AttendStar and then cross reference that with how many tickets they sell and how that compare to Venue Seating and Goal Seating.  

You are using those, right?

It makes sense when you think of this across hundreds or thousands of events.  While the results on a single event might not be a valid measurement, across multiple event should be.

It's simple and even fun.

You explore features and as you use or enable those features, your score goes up.  In theory, the more your score rises the more tickets you should sell.

We are even working on a new VIP Event Manager status for support and some other special goodies when scorecards reach certain scores.  

If you're an event manager and you have people working for you, then you will love Scorecard.  It represents a picture of how well things are getting done.

Have an idea?  Share your comments below.

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