Providing Contact Information for Ticket Buyers


Providing Contact Information for Ticket Buyers

AttendStar allows ticket buyers to directly contact event managers through a simple email form on the ticket sales page. A name, email and phone number for ticket buyers to contact is required for every event. All the ticket buyer has to do is select the Contact tab on the ticket sales page, write their message to you, include their email, send it and voilà! Any ticket buyer requests go to the inbox of the email address you choose so their questions can get answered by the people who know the event best!

Here's the end result:


Here's how you get there:

  1. Login to your AttendStar account
  2. Select the event to add the contact information

  3. Click the blue "Edit Event" button

  4. Fill out the Event Contact Information section. Fields (Name, Phone, Email) with an asterisk are required

  5. Click "Save Event"

  6. Contact information is updated!
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