Clone (Duplicate) Your Event

Clone (Duplicate) Your Event

Cloning (or duplicating) your event, lets you copy certain parts of an existing event in your AttendStar account to a new event in your account. Upon cloning, you can change whatever information you would like on your new cloned event.

What is cloned:

  • Event name
  • Event date
  • Event website
  • Event contact information
  • Event description
  • Venue
  • FAQ
  • Event keywords
  • Event short description
  • Attendee instructions
  • Tickets
  • Attendee fields (but not if it's required/displayed)
  • Ticket Payment Options payment gateway and credentials for that payment gateway
  • Discounts (but not the quantity available nor the ticket it applies to)

What is not cloned:

  • Event banner
  • Ticket logo
  • Ticket descriptions
  • Permissions for attendee fields
  • Low ticket alert email recipients
  • Ticket buyers
  • Discount code quantity (Remaining)

How to clone the event

  1. Login to your AttendStar account
  2. Select the original event which you would like to clone
  3. Go to TOOLS and select Clone This Event.


  4. The Clone This Event page allows you to edit your NEW event. 

  5. You can tailor the information for your new event as necessary. Don't forget to upload the event banner, as the banner is not cloned.
  6. Click the Venue Information tab and update the venue if needed


  7. Click the Event FAQs tab and update the FAQs if needed


  8. Click the Advanced tab and update the event keywords, short description and attendee instructions if needed

  9. Click "Clone This Event" button

  10. You are now on the Overview page of your new event
  11. Add the tickets you would like to sell for this event
  12. If needed, add the Low Ticket Alert emails
  13. Edit and/or delete any discounts that may be different
  14. Add/edit attendee fields
  15. Change and/or add permissions to attendee fields
  16. Add the ticket logo
  17. Congratulations! You've cloned your event!
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