Canceling, Deleting, & Rescheduling Events

Canceling, Deleting & Rescheduling Events

We at AttendStar understand how difficult it is to have to cancel, reschedule or just outright delete an event. 

How To Cancel or Postpone an Event
  1. Login to your AttendStar account
  2. Select the EventEM_Choose_Event.png 

  3. Click the Edit Event button

  4. Click the Advanced tab

  5. Scroll down to the Status section

  6. Change the current status of your event 

  7. Include a message for ticket buyers to see when they go to your event's ticket sales page
  8. Click Save Event
  9. Now ticket buyers will see the message when they go to your event's ticket sales page.

How to Delete an Event

An event cannot be deleted if tickets have been sold. However, if you need to delete an event that has not sold any tickets, call AttendStar at 615-223-1973 with the event code (below) and we will be happy to delete the event for you. You can also email your request to

How to Find the Event Code

  1. Login to your AttendStar account 

  2. Select the eventEM_Choose_Event.png

  3. You are now on the overview page and your Event Code can be found in the Event Details box     EM_Event_Details.png
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