Creating Your Event

Creating Your Event

AttendStar's Event Creation Wizard was designed to help you, the event manager, create online ticket sales in a few simple steps. Just follow five easy steps in Event Creation Wizard to activate your ticket sales page.
And have no fear! If you are unsure of something or missing information or images, you can always come back and edit your event!
  1. Once you have created an AttendStar account, login to your account.

  2. Click on the green Create Event button or blue New Event button to get started!

  3. On this first page you will enter all pertinent information for your event.  These details include the Event's:  Name, Start Date and Time, End Date and Time, Venue, and Contact.


  4. Once you've completed this information, click Save & Continue.

  5. The Event Description page give you the opportunity to tell potential ticket buyers about your event. You can write an attention-grabbing and informative description to generate interest in your event. 
    Use the WYSIWYG editor to write your copy, upload pictures, and--if you're an advanced user--switch over to Source view in order to add your own html code!EM_Event_Description.png

  6. When you're finished, click Save & Continue. 
  7. Continue to the next area to create your FAQs. These are essential for a polished event look and reduces phone calls to you!
  8. Next is where you create the types of tickets you would like to sell online. Fill out all of the information for the ticket, including the name (i.e. General Admission Adult, VIP, Gold Circle), quantity (how many of this type of ticket are available to sell), and the price of the ticket. You can also set how many of each ticket type must be purchased in a single order using the Minimum and Maximum fields.

  9. When you are finished creating your first ticket, you can choose to create another one by clicking the Create Another Ticket button. You will then be taken to fresh New Ticket Page. If you are finished creating ticket types (for now!), then click the Save & Continue button.

  10. Lastly, select how your event will accept payment for ticket sales. AttendStar has integrated with these Payment Gateways, which are programs that allow you to authorize, process and accept online (also known as Card Not Present) payment transactions. This set-up allows your ticket buyers to pay online using AttendStar's system.

    **Please note, the account must be set-up beforehand (check out our Getting Started article). Enter your credentials.

  11. Click "Save & Finish"

  12. Your event is now finished! Time to get your promo on!
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