I need more information about an event

Specific questions about the event can not be answered by AttendStar. Some examples of event questions could be:

"Can I get a refund or exchange my ticket?"
"What do I get with my VIP ticket?"
"Do you offer any discounts?"
"Does my child need a ticket"
"Where can I purchase tickets locally?"
"Do you have a will call?"

...Or any seating/venue/parking information you would like to know before attending the event.

The best way to get your questions answered is by contacting the event manager directly. This information is found on the online ticket sales page, along the right-hand side in a red box titled "Event help and information."

  1. Visit https://attendstar.com/events and type your event in the Search Events box.

  2. Select the event in the list to be taken to that event's ticket sales page.

  3. Look for the red box on the right-hand side titled "Event help and information". Listed will be the event manager's direct phone number as well as a button to find the FAQs and Contact tabs.


  4. You may also find the gray "Contact" tab located below the list of tickets. This allows you to see the event contact's phone number, but will also allow you to send the event manager a message.


If you have specific questions about an event itself, the event manager is the best person to contact. Though we strive to help our ticket buyers, we are better at assisting with issues regarding the actual purchasing of tickets through our website.

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