Hours & Contact Information

You can order tickets online 24/7! To purchase tickets to the event you want to attend, use this link to find the event: Purchase My Tickets

AttendStar Ticket Support is available 8AM - 8PM CST. Our Ticket Hotline can be reached at (615) 223-1008. Please be advised that you may encounter longer wait times during weekends and the day of an event, due to the volume of inquiries. We recommend contacting AttendStar through our website, rather than calling. 

*AttendStar Ticket Support can only help with ticket problems and ticket-related questions only. AttendStar does not issue refunds. Refunds are at the discretion of each event and are the responsibility of the event. Please review the Terms and Conditions of your tickets before purchasing.

Buying tickets online from AttendStar is the best and safest way to buy tickets.

  1. Your credit card data is kept secure
  2. You save the $3.00 telephone order fee
  3. You have less of a chance of having any errors in your orders
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