How to Link an Authorize.Net Account to Your Event

How to Link an Authorize.Net Account to Your Event

You can use an  Authorize.Net account to deposit ticket sales into your merchant account. You will need a Card Not Present account and have your API Login ID and Transaction Key available. You can have more than one event for your Authorize.Net account.

  1. Select the event you would like to link to your Authorize.Net account

  2. From the Overview page, go to TICKETING and select "Ticket Payment Options"

  3. Click on Authorize.Net

  4. Enter in your API Login ID and your Transaction Key for your No Card Present Authorize.Net account. These are typically a combination of letters and numbers and can be found by logging into your Authorize.Net account.

  5. Choose which credit cards you accept. MasterCard and VISA will always be accepted, but you can select if you will be accepting American Express and/or Discover. Please note that your Authorize.Net account must be set up to accept those credit cards.

  6. Click the green Update button


If You Have Advanced Fraud Detection Enabled

You need to allow multiple charges from AttendStar's IP address, or else AttendStar cannot take phone orders for your event. Please call AttendStar at 800.526.3040 so that we may pass that information along to you.
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