The Basics of Payment

The Basics of Payment

AttendStar is different from many others because we let you, the event manager, collect all of the ticket sales into your own merchant account through a payment gateway. AttendStar also offers its own credit card processing services, known as AttendStar Payment Processing, in case you do not have or cannot set-up a payment gateway or just don't feel like dealing with all of the money.

What are Payment Gateways and Merchant Accounts?

Payment gateways are companies like Stripe and Authorize.Net that process the customer's credit card to ensure there are sufficient funds and all information submitted is correct (address, expiration date, credit card number, etc.) before transferring the monies into your merchant account.  Merchant accounts are bank accounts; these can be set up through your bank.

Collect Ticket Sales into Your Own Merchant Account

By using what is called a Payment Gateway, you can collect ticket sales directly into your merchant account. You must use a Payment Gateway with which AttendStar has integrated. These gateways include Stripe, Authorize.Net, and PayPal.

AttendStar and the listed Payment Gateways are all PCI compliant, so you can trust that both you and your customer's information is secure.  AttendStar recommends having your own merchant account so you are able to collect ticket revenue as tickets are sold.

AttendStar Payment Processing

Your event may use our AttendStar Payment Processing, powered by Stripe, for a 2.9% percent + $0.30 per order processing fee. We will send you a check for your ticket sales 10 business days after the end of your event, minus the AttendStar ticket fees and credit card processing fees. We cannot issue payment for ticket sales until 10 business days after the end of your event. AttendStar will also honor refunds for ticket buyer refund requests.

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