How to Enable International Sales

How to Enable International Sales

AttendStar offers a feature for international ticket sales, even though AttendStar was not designed to accept international currency. However, enabling international sales in AttendStar does not necessarily mean you can accept international currency. Please check with your payment gateway and merchant accounts in regards to accepting international payments; this option is not available for Google Checkout or PayPal customers.

If you would like to accept international sales you can add an additional field for Country within your AttendStar account. This will appear on in the payment section of the ticket sales page.
How to Enable International Sales from Within Your AttendStar Account
  1. Log into your AttendStar account and access your event from Dashboard
  2. Hover over the Tickets menu and select Ticket Payment Options
  3. Underneath the payment gateway selections, check the box beside Enable International Sales

  4. Click the green Update button at the bottom of the page

To View How It Looks to the Ticket Buyer
  1. Go to your ticket sales page by clicking the View Event button
  2. Select a ticket and agree to the terms and conditions of the ticket (if applicable). Click the Buy Tickets button

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where credit card information is to be entered. Underneath the City field there is a Country drop-down option (the State drop-down below changes to a field where text can be entered if Any Other Country is selected).
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