How to Create Tiered Ticketing

How to Create Tiered Ticketing


Do you want to have multiple ticketing tiers for you event? Whether the tiers are based on price, time, or any number of factors, here's how to do it!

  1. In your event, go to the Ticket tab and select New Ticket. 

  2. Your are now on the Basic Information tab for the New Ticket page. Under the Basic Information header, input the Ticket Name and Price of Ticket (enter "0" if the ticket is free).

  3. In the Ticket Availability Sales Date section, input Ticket Sales Start and End Dates, including the Time Zone drop-down box.

  4. Under the Quantity header, input Quantity Available (the number of tickets you have available to sell) and the Minimum and Maximum fields (the minimum and maximum number of tickets that can be purchased in a single order).

  5. If your ticket has certain Terms and Conditions, Click the Detailed Information tab and enter them in the text box. 

  6. If you want to require your buyer to agree to the Terms & Conditions before they can purchase the ticket, check the box

  7. For more features, click the Advanced tab. 

  8. There, decide whether your ticket price will include ticket fees or show ticket fees separate from the ticket price. If you want to show fees separate, you can then enter in your fee (the additional fee will be added to the AttendStar fee).

  9. You can also choose to hide the sales end date on the ticket and/or the ticket sales page.

  10. Next, you can set an Alert Quantity, which is an email alert that will be sent to you if the number of remaining tickets has reached the specified limit or less. 0 indicates the number when the alert is needed.EM_Ticket_Low_Alert.png

  11. If you no longer want to offer this ticket or would like to hide it, select Hide Ticket towards the bottom of the Display Options field.

  12. When you are finished creating your ticket, click the Add Ticket button.

  13. If you would like to add more tickets, just repeat these steps!
**To create tiered ticket pricing, repeat these steps as well.  However, you will want to vary the price and start/end dates for each tiered ticket. 
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