Advanced Ticketing Options

Advanced Ticketing Options

 AttendStar's Advanced Ticketing Options include the ability to hide the end date and time on tickets, set the parameters for low ticket alerts, suspend ticket sales, make tickets available onsite/online/both, and alter ticket fees.

Hide the Start/End Date and Time on Tickets

This does not show when your event starts/ends on the tickets your attendees receive. 


Exclude ticket fees

This feature allow you to display only the base ticket price on the ticket, display without any per ticket fees.


Low Ticket Alerts

This is a feature that emails you--the event manager--when your ticket sales for that ticket type are down to the number you specified. This is great just in case you want to keep track of your marketing efforts or things of that sort, because let's face it, if there are only 10 tickets left of that ticket type, you can probably stop your 100 per day commercials and radio ads. Please refer to Receive Low Ticket Alerts for more information.



Disable eTicket 

Make this ticket a non-downloadable ticket. Good for Product Fulfillment or private events that need personal identification for entrance. The download link will not be displayed.

Suspend Ticket Sales

If you no longer want to offer this ticket or would like to hide it, select Hide Ticket towards the bottom of the Display Options field.EM_Hide_Ticket.png


Ticket Availability

This gives you the option to make that specific ticket type available on the online purchase form, on the onsite purchase form (for phone orders, mail orders, and onsite sales) or make it available on both (so it will pull from the same ticket inventory).  


Include Fee into Ticket Price

This option tacks on the AttendStar fee to your overall ticket price of that ticket type, so the ticket buyer does not see that they are paying an additional fee. This is great for events with tickets under $10.00. For example, if your ticket type price is $8.00, then the ticket buyer will see the ticket type price as $9.50 (if the fee is $1.50) and no separate area for a fee on the ticket purchase page.


Add onto Fee

This feature lets you add onto the AttendStar fee for that specific ticket type, so that you can cover your merchant costs (if you would like) or just receive additional cash for your ticket sales. This tacks onto the AttendStar fee and shows up in a separate fee column on your ticket sales page. So, if you add $3.00 as an additional fee, the total fee the ticket buyer will see is $4.50 (if the AttendStar fee is $1.50). This fee is reported as "Client Fee" in AttendStar. 

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