How to Add Your Own Fees to Your Tickets

How to Add Your Own Fees to Your Tickets


Sometimes the price of the ticket is not enough to cover all of the costs for your event, but you don't want to raise the price of your ticket. Using the Additional Fee feature, you can add your own fee onto AttendStar's fee. On your event's ticket sales page, your ticket buyer will see that they're just paying one fee on top of the ticket price per ticket type. Within the Event Manager, your additional fee will be listed separately from the AttendStar fee and referred to as the "Client Fee" in your Event Ticket Sales Report.

  1. Select the event you would like to add your fees onto

  2. Go to the Ticket menu and select All Tickets

  3. Click the Edit link in the row of the ticket type to add the fee

  4. Click the Advanced tab

  5. In the Add Additional Fees field, enter the additional fee amount

    **NOTE: Do not include the dollar sign--you only need to enter the dollar amount. This amount is in addition to the $1.50 AttendStar fee. For example, to add on a $2.50 fee per ticket, then enter "2.50" into the field. The fee will then appear as $4.00 in the fee section for that ticket on the ticket sales page. And remember, you can always roll the additional fees into the ticket price, which looks more appealing to the ticket buyer and can help you sell more tickets.
  6. Click the green Update Ticket button

This is the end result (i.e., what your ticket buyers see)

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