Add a New Ticket for Your Event

Add a New Ticket for Your Event


The main reason you're using AttendStar, your tickets are what attendees purchase in order to attend or register for your event. You need to have at least one ticket type available for sale for your event, although you can create an unlimited number of ticket types for your event. All you need to do is name your ticket, set the prices and the quantity available for that specific ticket type.

  1. Select the event to add the new ticket
  2. Go to Tickets menu and select New Ticket 
    **NOTE: If you created your event using the Event Creation Wizard the ticket(s) will be listed on the All Tickets page.

  3. Start with the basic information of your ticket, by giving the ticket type a name, such as General Admission or VIP. This is what your ticket will be referred to within AttendStar and what your ticket buyers will see

  4. Add the price of the ticket. If the ticket is free, enter 0.00 as the price

  5. Select when you would like this ticket to go on sale by choosing the Sales Start Date/Time
  6. Select when you would like this ticket to go off sale by choosing the Sales End Date/Time. After this date, attendees will not be able to purchase this ticket type

    NOTE: The Sales Start/End Date/Time can always be changed and adjusted according to your event's needs. Meaning, the dates and times you set are never set in stone and can always be changed
  7. Set the quantity available for the ticket type. This is the maximum number of this ticket type that can be sold

  8. Set the minimum and maximum purchase quantity. This is the minimum number and maximum number of this ticket type that can be purchased in a single order. See how to use this feature to sell group tickets

  9. Click the Detailed Information tab

  10. Fill in the ticket description. This will appear on the ticket sales page as a "More Info" link underneath the ticket type. Use this space to describe the ticket type, such as what the ticket type entails, etc.
  11. Enter in the Terms & Conditions of the ticket. If you check the box that says "Make the ticket buyer agree to the ticket terms and conditions before purchasing the tickets," the attendee, while purchasing the tickets, will have to agree to the terms & conditions set before they can purchase the tickets

  12. You are finished with the basic information needed in order to sell a specific ticket type. Click the Add Ticket button to add this ticket type!

Advanced Ticket Type Features, Explained

  • Including the fees into the ticket price will tack on the AttendStar fee to that ticket type's price instead of showing up in the fee column on the ticket sales page.
  • Showing fees separate from the ticket price makes the AttendStar fee appear in a separate fee column. 
  • Add Additional Fees allows you to add an amount to AttendStar's fee, to appear in the fee column in addition to the AttendStar ticket. You will collect this additional fee.
  • Low Alert Quantity will send you an email when the number entered in the fields is the number of that ticket type left to sell
  • Hide the end date and end time on ticket will make the end date/time of the event not appear on the actual ticket attendees receive

    See the Advanced Ticketing Options article for a step-by-step guide for these features.
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