Collecting ticket buyer/attendee data

Collecting attendee data is easy with AttendStar.  You may add custom fields to the ticket sales page to collect any information you desire. Really - anything from where they heard about your event to what they had for dinner last night!

  1. In your event manager, hover over the ATTENDEES menu and select Custom Attendee Data


  2. Your Attendee Fields will be listed on this page. You will see that Name and Email is already required - this can not be changed as a requirement for the ticket buyer.

  3. To create a new, custom field, click on the blue Add Custom Field button.


  4. Enter in the name of your Field. This is where your ticket buyer knows what it is that is being asked of them. We offer the options of creating a text box, text area, radio buttons, check boxes, or drop-down menus that best fit your question. Click Save Field when you are finished.

  5. We have also included some standard fields that our clients tend to ask of their ticket buyers. Those can be selected from our drop-down menu of Standard Fields.


  6. Once you have a list of attendee fields, you have the ability to Edit and Delete a field. You may also rearrange the order your fields appear to the ticket buyer by using the blue up and down arrows on the left side of the list.

  7. To save your list and update any edits you have made, click the green Update button at the bottom of the page.

Keep in mind that the more data you ask for, the more your attendees tend to object.

For more information please give us a call at (615) 223-1973 at extension 1.

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