Collecting ticket buyer information

Collecting Ticket Buyer Information

How do I collect basic information from my attendee?

  1.  From your event's overview page, hover over the Attendees tab and click Custom Attendee Data

  2. This page lets you define what information you would like to collect from your ticket buyers. Name and email are default for the first ticket buyer, since tickets will be emailed to the buyer
  3. AttendStar has provided some standard fields, including Address, City, State, and Zip. To add any of these fields to the form, select them from the drop-down box at the bottom of the page
  4. After you have selected the field you want, click the gray Add This Field button

  5. That field will then show up on the list at the top

  6. If you want to create your own custom field, click the Add Custom Field button on the right side of the page


  7. This page will let you create your own custom field. Type in the question or the name of the field (i.e. What is the name of your dog? or Meal Preference) and what type of field it's going to be

    a. The Text Field is best for short, fill-in-the-blank type answers that will not have any set choices

    b. The Text Area is best for longer, paragraph-type answers

    c. The Radio Button is the best option if you only want your ticket buyers to select one answer from a set list of choices

    d. The Check Boxes are the best solution if you want your ticket buyers to be able to select more than one answer from a set list of choices

    e. The drop-down option is another single-choice from a list of answers solution

  8. After you select the type of custom field you would like, enter in the field variables, if applicable

  9. If the 4 fields provided are not enough fields, click Add One More Value until you reach the number of fields you need
  10. If the 4 fields provided are too many, click Delete Last Value until the proper amount of fields are present
  11. When you are finished creating your custom field, click Save Field


  12. You will be taken back to the Attendee Fields page and your custom field will now be listed next to the Standard Fields option. Select your custom field from the drop-down list, and click the gray Add This Field button
  13. Your custom field will then show up in the list at the top

  14. Now that you have added the fields you want, you can choose what is required, to be displayed--both, or neither. You have two categories--your ticket buyer and your ticket buyer's guests. To alter what is required and displayed, merely check or un-check the specific boxes that you want to alter! It's that easy!

    a. If a field is Required, it HAS to be filled out before tickets can be purchased

    b. If a field is Displayed, it will only show up and is optional field to be filled out, it can be left blank or skipped by the ticket buyer

    c. If neither Required or Displayed is checked, the field will not show up at all

  15. You can now rearrange the order of the fields, which will affect how they show up to the ticket buyer, by dragging the blue arrows up or down

  16. When you are finished adding and arranging fields, click the green Update button

  17. And you're done!
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