Event manager group reports

Group reporting allows you to send ticket sales reports to certain email addresses.

Creating Report Groups can be very powerful in that you can group multiple events to a single email address.

You create specific Report Groups and indicate which events are shared with which email address or set of email addresses. The email address specified in the group will receive the specified events' daily manager report.

The Daily Manager Report contains each event's ticket sales, broken down into quantity sold and the total sales of each ticket type. Of course, we add all of the ticket types together to form a grand total. You will see your numbers from the previous day, as well as a "To Date" total.

Here is how you can set up these report groups:

  1. In your event manager for an event, under the REPORTS menu click REPORT GROUPS.


  2. To add a Report Group, click the blue "Add Report Group" button at the top right-hand side of the page.

  3. Fill out your Group Name, select the events that belong to that group, and list the email address for your group members. Once you have finished, click the green "Create Report Group" button.


After you have a couple report groups created, you will see them all listed in the main Report Groups page.


You may edit a group at any time by clicking the group name. You may change the group name, add or take away emails, or completely delete a list. Once you have made the changes, click the green "Edit Report Group" button.

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