Adding a Tour Date


Now it is time to add an event date to the tour.

      1. Select the tour from the drop down.  If this is your first tour, you will only have one choice.

      2. Market is the "market" or city name for the event. For an event that is located in a smaller town outside of a larger city, we suggest using the larger city's name here. For example, if there is an event in Franklin, TN, "Nashville" would be the market.
      3. Event Date, of course, is the date of the event.

      4. Event Manager Email is the email address of the Promoter/Sponsor.  If this Event Manager has already created an account, they will see this new tour date automatically.  Event Managers will be connected to your tour/event by email address.  If the Event Manager has not already created an account, they will receive an email indicating they have been invited to join an event within a tour.

      5. Venue Name is the name of the venue.

      6. Venue ZIP Code is the ZIP code for the venue.

      7. Seating Total is the venue's total seating capacity.

      8. Seating Goal indicates your specific seating goal for the venue. For example, if your venue has 800 seats but your goal is to sell 500 seats, you would put 500 here.  Individual reports will use Seating Goal and Seating Total.

      9. Ticket Name, Price and Quantity allows you to enter the ticket types and price as well as how many are available.

        You may be saying to yourself that promoters determine the ticket prices.  We ask you to do this is because many artists/tours will set the ticket prices.

        If you are allowing the promoter to set their prices, then you can walk through this screen with the promoter over the phone. Some reports use ticket price in the calculations.



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