Tour Manager Overview


In the Event Success App, the Tour Manager is the person on the artist team or hired by the artist team that works with the promoters or Event Managers to help make events successful.

Here's a quick overview of how the Event Success App works and how easy it is to use.

Create A Tour

Create a tour, like "The Bright Lights Tour," from the Tour Menu.  All you need is the tour name and the start and stop dates, along with how often you would like the Event Managers to communicate with you.

Weekly reports start on Sunday and end on Saturday.  This means that every Sunday, the Event Manager will receive an email reminding them a report is due.  They click the link within the email to share ticket counts and answer 8 quick questions.

Bi-weekly reports run Monday - Thursday and Friday - Sunday.  This means the Event Manager gets a reminder email on Fridays and Mondays asking them to share information.

Weekly reports are often used for tours that where the event dates run 5,000 seats or less.  Bi-weekly reports are used when event dates run over 5,000 seats.  The difference between the two reporting types are bi-weekly reports offer faster feedback and correction opportunities, simply because they are more frequent.

Add Events

Adding events is the next step. You may add them as they are booked or contracted. Adding events will require the following information:

Event date
Event Manager email
ZIP code
Total venue seating available
Goal venue seating (This is used in instances when your seating goal is different than total seating available. For example, the venue can hold 3,000 but your target sales are 1,000.)

The next step is to add the ticket types available.  General Admission, VIP, etc., along with the quantities available and the retail price of each.



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