MailChimp Integration


Our MailChimp integration will allow you to do a one-way synch between a single event and a single MailChimp list.  

Each day the person you bought the tickets will be added to the MailChimp list you designate.  Our sync is one-way to MailChimp meaning that a ticket buyer is added to Attendstar is then added to MailChimp.  Data added to MailChimp does not appear in your Attendstar attendee listings.

The following data items are available to be sent to MailChimp

  • Ticket buyer email
  • Event ID
  • Date Tickets Purchased
  • First name of buyer
  • Last name of buyer
  • Ticket used status (used or not used)

At 12:01am the next day all the ticket buyers are sent to your MailChimp account. This takes place until the day after your event and then if you scanned tickets all your MailChimp subscribers are updated to indicate if anyone in the ticket buyer group used a ticket.  


What we mean by this is that if anyone with a ticket in the order uses a ticket, the buyer of the tickets gets indicated as used.  For example Gary buys 3 tickets but does not attend the event but Gary's son does attend.  Gary's subscriber record in MailChimp will be marked as "ticket used" even though Gary did not go to the event.

This happens because remember we only have access to the email of the person that BOUGHT the tickets not the emails of the people that those tickets were given to.


Setting up a MailChimp Integration

Your MailChimp API Key

Image and copy


Selecting your MailChimp List

After you put your MailChimp API Key into Attendstar, we will show you all the MailChimp list(s) in your MailChimp Account. You may choose ONE MailChimp list to have your ticket buyers sent to.  If you see any MailChimp List(s) with an asterisk (*) it means those List(s) are already being uses with another Attendstar event, and cannot be selected.

Your MailChimp must already be created in MailChimp for you can select an Attendstar event to be used.

When you select your MailChimp List to be used the six custom MailChimp fields called Merge Tags will be created automatically by Attendstar for your MailChimp List.



The next step is to map the Attendstar data items to your MailChimp List Fields.  This puts the the right data in Attendstar into the correct MailChimp List Field (also known as Merge Tag)



In the above screen image you will see at the bottom of the field mapping screen the item highlighted in yellow indicating you already have 1 ticket buyer in your Attendstar list.  Checking the box will allow you to automatically import this buyer to a subscriber in your MailChimp list. 

Whether or not you choose to import any ticket buyers in your Attendstar ticket buyer list will depend on how you will be using MailChimp.  



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