How to design your tickets


First step in ordering your tickets is to design them on our online store.  

You will see 6 "types" of tickets when you first click the online store link above.  Each "type" means each design.  If you have 300 General Admission tickets, 100 Gold Circle and 50 radio giveaways you have 3 types to design.


To start design how many tickets you need and click the design button.

Next you see the Designer window with a sample ticket.


On the top row of buttons you will find the following and their purpose

Add Image - Click to add the image editor to your ticket

Add Text - Click to add a text area

View PDF - View the ticket, you will do this by downloading the ticket then viewing

Approve - Approve your design and places it in your shopping cart

Cancel - Cancels the Designer and returns you to the ticket type selection page. TIP:  If you want to design your ticket and share the design with others for approval you could choose this option.

On the side of the Designer tool you will see some additional ticket designs you may choose from.

To design your ticket will place your cursor in the box containing the data you would like to change.  

Once you do a design details box appears and you make your changes in this box.  To remove the box simply place your cursor on another area of your ticket and that box is removed.

Finally click Approve and the ticket type will be added your cart as seen below.

To design another ticket type click the Continue Shopping button highlighted above.  When you are done creating ticket types click proceed to check out.

That's it.  Your tickets are printed the SAME day and shipped the next day according to the shipping method you have selected.

You will receive an order confirmation from us automatically, then a notice saying your order was approved and finally one saying your order was shipped with your FedEx tracking numbers.

If you need any assistance we can be reached during business hours at 615.223.1973 extension 118 and Stephanie will be happy to assist.  After hours send an email to

Looking for a way to track your local pre-printed ticket sales? Take a look at AttendStar Local.


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