Breakdown of Social Discounts


Breakdown of Social Discounts

What are Social Discounts?
Social Discounts is a feature developed by AttendStar that helps you sell more tickets online to your event, with a few clicks of your mouse. Social Discounts give ticket buyers a break on ticket prices if they share your event's ticket sales page on their Facebook and/or Twitter profiles.

How does it work?
Social Discounts will only work if you create them for your event. You decide what network(s) you would like the discount offered in--either Facebook and/or Twitter, how much the discount is for and what ticket(s) the discount applies to. After you define the parameters of the Social Discount you would like to offer, it automatically becomes active on your event's ticket sales page.

Click here for the full article on how to create a Social Discount.

When a ticket buyer goes to purchase a ticket (or tickets) that is connected to a Social Discount, after they select the quantity of that ticket type, a box will appear, asking the ticket buyer if they would like to share the pre-defined message on their social networks for a discount. If a ticket buyer elects to, they will then connect their Facebook and/or Twitter to AttendStar, who will then post the pre-defined message created when you made the Social Discount, onto the ticket buyer's Facebook/Twitter accounts. After the ticket buyer finishes authorizing AttendStar to post on their Facebook and/or Twitter profiles, the ticket buyer will then be taken back to the ticket sales page to complete the purchase process, with the discount automatically applied to their ticket order. The ticket buyer will go through the posting process for every ticket type that has an active Social Discount available. Ticket buyers can elect to not to take advantage of the Social Discount as well.

Items on Social Discounts
  • There can only be one Social Discount per ticket type, but multiple ticket types can be applied to one Social Discount
  • Ticket buyers will receive a discount on every ticket that is connected to a Social Discount
  • Social Discounts cannot be combined with an other discount code
  • Ticket buyers will not be able to edit the message that is posted on their social network when they enable a social discount
  • Social discounts can be applied to every ticket in a single order that is linked to a Social Discount
  • Careful! Ticket buyers will receive the defined discount for every authorized social network they share on, so if your discount is for 50% off and on Twitter and Facebook and the ticket buyer shares on both Twitter and Facebook, they're actually getting 100% off
  • Make sure that the link to your ticket sales page is in the pre-defined message, or else this whole thing is useless! AttendStar automatically generates a shortened URL in this message for your convenience when you create the discount
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