What are AttendStar Fees?


What are AttendStar Fees?

What are AttendStar fees?
AttendStar fees are a standard fee added to the price of your ticket. The fee is only applied when a paid ticket is purchased. You do not pay any other fees for free tickets, unsold tickets, or posting your event. Our fees start at only $1.50 per ticket. 

What do the AttendStar fees go to?
AttendStar is constantly updating its software, making improvements to it so you, the event manager, have a seamless experience posting your event and selling its tickets online. We're regularly adding new features and finding ways to help your event sell out!

Other AttendStar fees
If you select AttendStar Payment Processing as your gateway service, there will be a percentage of all credit card transactions taken from your gross sales. The only reason we charge this fee is because we are charged a fee for processing credit cards.
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