How to Add a Social Discount


How to Add a Social Discount

Social Discounts give ticket buyers a discount on ticket prices if they share your event's ticket sales page on their Facebook and/or Twitter profiles. This article shows you how to make that happen for ticket buyers.
  1. Select the event to add a Social Discount

  2. Go to the Tickets menu and select New Discount

  3. Fill out the information on this page. The Name is for your reference only and will be listed on the All Discounts page

  4. Select if the discount that will be given will be a percent or dollar amount off of the ticket price
    **REMEMBER, this will apply to each individual ticket of the ticket type that the buyer purchases, regardless of quantity.

  5. Define what the value of the discount will be. There is no need to enter a "$" or "%" sign, just put in the integer for the value of the discount

  6. Select how long the discount is active. Ticket buyers will not receive the option to receive a social discount if they are purchasing tickets outside of this selected time frame

  7. Enter in how many times the Social Discount can be redeemed before it becomes inactive underneath Inventory. This is a way to limit how many discounts are actually given out. This number will go down as discounts are redeemed on purchased tickets, but it can always be changed

  8. Underneath Type, enter the discount code you want to use and check the box labeled Make This Discount a Social Discount

  9. After you check the box, a new section will appear, labeled Social Discount Settings. Choose which social networks to apply the discount. Ticket buyers will receive the discount (as defined above) for each social network they use to share

  10. Write the message that you would like to be posted on ticket buyer's social networks. Ticket buyers will not be able to edit this message  

     to include a link to your event's ticket sales page in this message! AttendStar automatically generated a shortened URL for your ticket sales page

  11. To apply the social discount to your tickets, simply click the corresponding box(es) 

    **NOTE: You cannot have more than one social discount per ticket type, but you can have more than one ticket type per social discount. Social Discounts cannot be combined with any other discount
  12. When you are finished defining the parameters of your Social Discount, click the green
    Update Discount button

    Your Social Discount is now active!
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