Credit Card Transactions

*If the credit card option is available, you will have received a USB credit card reader. If not, you are not able to accept credit cards at this time.

Your USB credit card reader device will look similar to the picture below.

 Plug the USB device into a USB port on your computer. Once the green light appears, your credit card reader is functioning properly.

 For instance,  a group would like to purchase 10 Group Admission Tickets. After clicking the specific tickets requested by either clicking the amount specific box, or entering 10 into the quantity box, the total ticket count in the "Total" column with change ( this applies to ALL forms of payment processing). In the bottom left corner, the "Total/Amount Due" changes from $0 to $180.

 Click the "Credit Card" payment option. As shown below, a black and gray rotating box will appear. Swipe the patron's credit card through the credit card reader. Once swiped, the screen will zero out and the transaction is complete.

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