Sales Tax

This article pertains to a new feature where you can add Sales Tax at the Event level that we added on February 20, 2017.

There are few things that are more complex than sales tax. We have added the ability to include sales tax to your tickets and display these fees in an itemized list when your customers are purchasing their tickets, so that they know what their purchase total includes.

The first thing to remember about sales tax is that it will depend on who is collecting the money.

For example, if you use Stripe for your event, then our AttendStar ticket fee and phone order fees are not taxable because you are not collecting those.  AttendStar collects those direct, and we pay taxes on those.  You are only collecting your ticket price, less the credit card fees (which of course isn't AttendStar's, either).

If you are using Authorize.Net, then you are collecting ALL fees and we bill you for our fees.  So, your customers pay sales tax on ALL fees except credit card fees, since you are collecting the money before paying AttendStar.

If you use AttendStar Payment Processing, then we send you a check for your ticket prices and credit card fees (if we recoup them for you).  In this case, your customer pays tax on the ticket price only.

When your customer sees "Sales Tax" during check out (if you are collecting sales tax), it might not add up to the charge that is being placed on their credit card. The charge on their card is for their purchase total, but the sales tax applies only to a portion of that charge - the base price of your ticket (if you are using Stripe or AttendStar Payment Processing) or the base price + AttendStar ticket/phone order fees (if using Authorize.Net).

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