To enable a Buy One Get One type discount, login to your event manager. Hover over the Tickets menu and select New Discount.


Next, you can give your discount a name and check the BOGO+ box.


Specify what combination you would like your BOGO+ discount to be. This can be anything from a traditional Buy 1 Get 1 free, or any variation you can think of! Buy 10, Get 2... Buy 4, Get 4.... Buy 3, Get 1... anything! In the example here, we chose Buy 2, Get 1.


NOTE: The percentage off value cannot be changed from 100 at this time. We currently only support "get free" tickets, not any other percentage off (Buy 1, Get 50% off... etc.).

Tell us how many discounts are available for this BOGO+ deal, give it a code, and what ticket(s) the BOGO+ discount applies to. We ask for a code for tracking/reporting purposes, but the good news is that your ticket buyers do not have to have a code to get the deal! Everything is automatic for your ticket buyers. No more phone calls asking "what's the discount code?"


Save your discount by clicking the Update Discount button. Now, when your ticket buyers select the appropriate number of tickets, they will receive the appropriate number of free tickets!


After the ticket buyer clicks Buy Tickets to proceed with their order, their free ticket is added to their quantity! They will see the discount amount to that they know they are not being charged for the additional tickets.


If your ticket sales and event reports, these BOGO+ discounts are recorded just like regular discounts. That way, you can track and account for every BOGO+ discount used and how many free tickets were given away.

Happy BOGO!

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