My ticketing company is getting hard to work with!

How many times have we all started a relationship with a company, only to find that things seemed to get worse as time went on? We have all been there.

What causes this?   

It usually occurs because your contact at the ticketing company does a "favor" outside the scope of who really should be doing what. For example - it starts, innocently enough, when the client asks for a small change to some artwork and the ticketing company wanting to please the client says "sure, we can do that."

A week or so later, the client asks for tickets to be sent in the mail for a customer that has trouble using their printers, the ticketing company says "no problem."

As this back and forth continues, the event manager relies more and more on the ticketing company. Your contact could become swamped with work, making your requests seem to go nowhere. The client becomes frustrated, saying "they used to be so good, service has gone downhill."

What has actually happened, is the relationship evolved from what started out as something it was not meant to be.

Events can get crazy and emotions tend to come into play when workload and stress start to occur.

Some ticketing companies are more self-service and some are full-service. Some are in between. It's a tough balance between $5.00 (or more) full-service ticket fees and fees that are less than $2.50. One of the challenges we have with our vendors is clearly defining and understanding expectations.

It's simple - the more you need/want from your ticketing company, the higher the ticket fees are. The cheaper the fees are, the more responsibility you assume.

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