Accepting checks with WEPAY

You may now accept checks from your ticket buyers! This new functionality is ideal for group orders from organizations.

For the event manager, the cost of accepting a check is much less than credit cards. WEPAY charges 1% of the ticket/registration price plus $0.30 per order for check processing. **Note: the $0.30 is per order, not per ticket.

The process for accepting checks differs from the credit card process:

  1. Ticket buyer purchases tickets using a checking account.

  2. Tickets are sent to the buyer's email address at time of purchase before payment is actually made.

  3. The next business day - two small deposits are made into ticket buyer's checking account (around $0.03 each). The ticket buyer needs to verify the deposits in order to validate a withdrawal from their checking account for tickets.

  4. The following business day - the cost for tickets (plus fees) is deducted from ticket buyers checking account.

  5. In your WEPAY account, the payment status is set to PENDING.

  6. Approximately 1 to 3 days later, the payment is deposited in your WEPAY account.

Once a ticket buyer selects which ticket(s) they would like to purchase, the following screen is displayed:  

Ticket buyer clicks Pay with bank 

Next, the ticket buyer enters in their bank's routing number and their checking account number, found on the bottom of their check. The bank routing number is a 9-digit code that varies depending on where the account was opened. A routing number for US Bank in California is different than it is in Tennessee. The location of the routing number is shown below.


The ticket buyer enters their information on the form below.

That's it!

Keep in mind, there is one consideration when using this payment method--there is the possibility that a check could not clear the bank, yet the ticket buyer still attends the event. If you get a notification that a check has not cleared, the process becomes manual to cancel the tickets and make them available for sale.
We are glad to be able to offer this payment option through WEPAY. It is up to you as the event manager if accepting checks is right for your event.
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